A week-long exploration of Turkey.

First Bodrum a seaside village.  There was not a lot to see or do for the Adventure Girl!  It is quite lively for the party crowd.

Next Denizli which is the closest town to Pamukkale.

It was disappointing, as they had the water diverted from the natural pools which had been in the photos which made me want to go here about 15 years ago. Having the water missing ruined the look and the whole experience. There were only a couple of pools really far from site which had the beautiful blue water in them. I hope they haven’t permanently diverted the water and the pools are filled sometimes.  Therefore, it would be nice to have known that before making the massive effort to get there.

Then Ortahisar which is near Cappadocia.

This was magical!!! I didn’t know much about Cappadocia. I saw it on a poster at the travel agents places. It was amazing. I wish I had spent a few more days in the area. It cost approximately $150 USD to do the balloon ride. It was great. See more photos here 


Eskisehir was the next stop.

It was a fun stop.  The reason for the stop was a castle.  It is a modern structure and houses a children’s activity center.  The exterior castle design incorporates the best parts of different iconic buildings from around Turkey.

Eskisehir is near the mine for meerschaum also known as sepiolite.   Carvers of meerschaum peddle their wares throughout the town and there are many museums and galleries dedicated to it.  Meerschaum is really soft until it dries out completely.  It may even float on water!


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