Myanmar is a magical country. If you get the opportunity you will thoroughly enjoy your visit there. This country has a lack of worldwide chains. There is a KFC in the airport but not many other recognizable brands of outlets. This is very refreshing. The people are wonderful. The locals perform random acts of kindness. My taxi cab driver bought me some flowers on my very first night. A woman paid my bus fare after helping me navigate the system. Another woman made sure I was served food and then get the proper amount of change after the vendor didn’t give me back enough change. The largest city in Myanmar is Yangon which was the capital city until 2006. It is worthy of a visit. There are many beautiful temples and other cultural sites to visit. Bagan is breathtaking! Over 3000 temples, stupas or pagodas, dot the landscape. Watching the hot-air balloons float over the temples at dawn is a moment which will stay with you forever. I highly recommend a visit here!  It is like being transported to another time and place. Inle Lake gives you a glimpse into other ways of living. The colorful houses are built on stilts with boats parked under them. The fisher men pose for photos with their hat shaped nets while rowing their narrow boats with their feet! Myanmar belongs on your bucket list! Check out some of more photos here
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