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Guam is a magnificent place and a great to visit. 

The water is great for swimming and snorkeling in.  The snorkeling is some of the best in the world.  The water is calm clear, warm, clean and full of things to look at.  The temperature of the water makes wearing a wetsuit unnecessary! It is about the temperature of a bath which has cooled slightly. There is also a barrier reef around the tourist beach which makes the water very calm. There is plenty of things to look at in the water between the interesting coral, the brightly colored fish and the sea cucumbers there is usually something in view.  One fish is the Scrawled Filefish which has a yellow body with black spots and blue accents.


The rocky side of the island is also stunningly georgouse and well worth a visit.

Here is a link to some photos to Explore!

What to Eat

The local cuisine is delicious! Guamanians  have a dipping sauce  called Fina’denne’  for their meats which is just wonderful.  It looks a bit like soysauce with onions and peppers floating in it.  It is fabulous.  You can find a recipe for it here:

Fina’denne’: Dipping Sauce

Where to go

Under Water

Snorkeling stuff