New York City

New York City, NYC, The Big Apple, or The City that Never Sleeps no matter what you call it New York City is a unique city of wondrous sites, sounds and smells!
When someone says New York City is probably actually Manhattan  you think of!  Most of the famous photos are of Manhattan also.  There are 5 areas called boroughs which make up New York City: Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

The Sites

Some of the most icon sites in NYC call Manhattan home.   The impressive Empire State Building is located near a slew of other famous buildings and stores.  You can purchase tickets to go to the observation deck here.
Another iconic building is the Chrysler Building. You can enjoy the building from the outside and in the lobby but the rest of the building is private.  The observation deck has been closed and converted to offices many years ago.
The Freedom Tower is now called The One World Trade Center  was built on “Ground Zero.”  The One World Trade Center is where the 9/11 Memorial is.
Next, take the free Staten Island Ferry.  You will get some of the best views of the Statue of Liberty from the ferry.  Battery Park is where the ferry terminal is and it worth a visit in it’s own right.  Here is a link to ferry the schedule.
Make sure to visit the Statue of Liberty.  However, it is best to plan in advanced if you want to visit the interior as the tickets may booked for months ahead of time!  Go here to make your reservations!

The Food

For a real New Yorker experience, make sure you get a Knish from one of the many street vendors.  Make sure you get it with the spicy mustard that is the best!  Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery is given credit for being the oldest knish bakery in NY.  It has been in the same location since 1910.  Therefore, if you’re a history buff it would be worth a visit.
First, you have to have a slice of NY Style pizza of course!  You can buy it by the slice in many local pizzerias.
There are so many types of delicious food to try it could fill a book and probably has.  Each area offers it’s own variety of cuisines.  Therefore you should go out with an appetite, try as many new things as you can!


New York City is a very unique city which is worth a visit.  It has its own brand of sites, smells, tastes, architecture, entertainment and people.  It does not represent the rest of the United States much if at all.   People compare it to London, Tokyo, Paris and other major cities but it is similar only in size and function, it is truly unique.
You can take this “free” walking tour to get a sample of the city. (We haven’t taken it to know the quality if you go tell us how it was.)
In short, if you have a sense of adventure and the travel bug you can’t go wrong with a visit no matter where in the world you are from!
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