We are adventuring across Europe for the next 27 days. We’ll check in when we can. 2019-4-21 Happy Easter Started the trip today with a walk to Harrlem to see a windmill.  Wimped out and got an Uber back. Stayed with a nice couch surfer.

A windmill in Haarlem

Keukenhof and flower fields

Keukenhof and flower fields

4/22/19 Today was Keugenhof 7million bulbs. It was quite nice. 4/23/19 Today was the horse riding school in Amsterdam and a train ride to The Hauge.

Hollandsche riding school

Hollandsche riding school

April 24, 2019. We went to Madourdam today in The Hauge.

Then used our first if 15 days of our Eurail pass to go to Antwerp.

ind enough to meet us at the train station. Unfortunately the train had been delayed so we were a bit late.  We took a tram most of the way to his home but the tram stopped to soon so we had to walk further than he was expecting.  It rained on us while we walked from the train station to our hosts house. Had a nice dinner of chicken nuggets tomatoes an egg with some sort of lunch meat and a bowl of soup served  middle Eastern style where everyone just grabs out of the same bowl using the bread. Unfortunately our host did not put that he smokes in his house on his profile so we were a bit surprised when he laid up a cigarette in the Studio apartment. He gave them my mom the bed and I slept on a mat on the floor.

April 26, 2019  our whole took us back to the train station where we stored our luggage and lockers it was €550 for the large locker. Then we parted ways Mommy and I went for a waffle. We got the plain Belgium waffle  it was €2.50. We shared one. It was good but not the most delicious one I’ve ever had. Next we went to look at the zoo which is right next to the central train station.

Had to stay at an AirBnB last night  it was about $30 USD

April 27, 2019  we’re on a train at 06:06 heading to Mont Saint Michel.

May 1, 2019 Technical difficulties have been preventing the every day post.  We are visiting Montpellier now.

May 2, 2019 Enjoyed a French Birthday Party!

May 3, 2019 Getting ready to leave Montpellier area.  Trains are not cooperating! Looks like a 16-20 hour travel day tomorrow!

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