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Travel and exploring is our life, because of this, it is only natural ExplorerLink would be born!  We use all methods of explorations from road trips with family, cruising with friends and to flying all over the world, Exploring is what we do and we take photos all along the way.

As of this writing, over 80 countries and every continent except Antarctica (it’s on the list don’t worry!) has been Explored by our lead Explorer who’s super hero name is Adventure Girl.   The first draft of this description was composed on a phone sitting on a plane!  We are lucky to be able to explore life, travel and experience all we possibly can on this wonderful planet.  We strive to provide you with entertaining, motivational and informational content.  If there is an issue or a place you want to know about drop us a note and we will endeavor to write a feature on that topic!

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This website is to share stories, photos, reviews and tips with the world.  The main emphasis is travel related.  The next phase of the website will allow you the Explorers to share your Explorations!  



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