A week long exploration of Turkey.

First Bodrum a sea side village.

Next Denizli which is the closest town to Pamukkale.

I was so disappointed as they had the water diverted from the natural pools which I had seen in the photos which made me want to go here about 15 years ago. Having the water missing ruined the look and the whole experience. There were only a couple of pools really far from site which had the beautiful blue water in them. I hope they haven’t permanently diverted the water and the pools are filled sometimes. It would be nice to have known that before I made the massive effort to get there.

Then Ortahisar which is near Cappadocia.

This was magical!!! I didn’t know much about Cappadocia. I saw it on a poster at the travel agents places. It was amazing. I wish I had spent a few more days in the area. I even sucked up and paid the approximately $150 USD to do the balloon ride. It was great. See more photos here 

Eskisehir was the next stop.

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